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Pathway Lighting Auction Off Its Equipment and Inventory

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Pathway Lighting, a manufacturer of LED lighting products, is closing its doors after 30+ years in business. The company auction off its equipment and inventory on September 5-13, 2023.

Lighting Auction Off

The auction will include a wide variety of items, including finished goods, LED drivers, LED engines, emergency lights, heatsinks, wire, radiant goniometer, labsphere, forklifts, test gear, pallet racking, and office furniture. The total inventory is valued at over $3.5 million.

The auction will be held online and open to the public. Bidding will start at 8:00 AM EST on September 5th and close at 10:00 AM EST on September 13th.

The auction will be held at the Pathway Lighting facility in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Find more details here.


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