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Acoustic Panels Hex LL0186MACNL

This Hex Acoustic Panel is pure acoustic panel without lighting, available in 4 sizes, the robust aluminum body is incorporated with acoustic fabric in the middle. Acoustic fabric are available in 38 colors to suit your project vibe. Due to their highly absorptive characteristics they reduce noise in the space, offering a better acoustic environment. It works well in interiors like conference room, hotel lobbies, library and other open spaces.
Standard Finish:
Customized Finish:

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Model: LL0186MACNL

Diameter(FT): 18.9/23.6/35.4/47.2"

Size(MM): ID480/600/900/1200mm

CCT: /

Efficacy: /

PF: /

CRI: /

Dimming: /

Driver: /

LED: /

Material: Aluminum, Polyester fiber

Input Voltage: /

LED Lifetime: /

Mounting: Pendant, Surface mounted

Package: PE Foam with master carton


 Flexible MOQ

 ETL listed, 5 years warranty

 2 color finishes(black, white), can be customized

 Down side incorporated with acoustic panel to reduce the noise in the space

 Acoustic version with 38 acoustic felt colors for option.

 Good for use in conference room, library, hotel, office, public building, shopping mall, etc.

 The packaging has passed strict tests which is suitable for air shipping.

 Packing with single piece per carton is good fit for stock, bulk pack is suitable for ordering per project.

Other Products In The Same Family

Model No. Power Size (mm/inch) Input Voltage(v) CRI CCT
PF Efficacy
Body Color Beam (degree) Installation Material
LL0186MACNL-480 N/A 480*416*95(ID480) / 18.9*16.4*3.7 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A White/
N/A surface mounted Alu+
polyester fiber
LL0186MACNL-600 600*520*95(ID600) / 23.6*20.5*3.7
LL0186MACNL-900 900*780*95(ID900) / 35.4*30.7*3.7
LL0186MACNL-1200 1200*1040*95(ID1200) / 47.2*40.9*3.7


Data Sheet

Data Sheet





IES Files

IES Files

Client Feedback:

"Thanks again for all the great packaging to get it here in one piece."