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Kuzco Lighting Acquires Auroralight

Views: 0     Author: New Shine Lighting     Publish Time: 2024-02-26      Origin: Inside Lighting

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Kuzco Lighting Acquires Auroralight

Kuzco Group, a British Columbia-based manufacturer of contemporary indoor and outdoor lighting products, has announced its acquisition of Auroralight, a specialty manufacturer of commercial-grade outdoor lighting.

Auroralight, headquartered in Carlsbad, California, has established a reputation since 1996 for high-quality, marine-grade landscape lighting fixtures. Known for its durability, Auroralight's products are crafted from solid brass and copper, ensuring resilience in harsh environments. The company emphasizes its commitment to craftsmanship, offering a lifetime warranty and prioritizing sustainability through the use of quality materials and localized manufacturing processes.

Kuzco Group's acquisition is more than just an expansion of its product range; it represents a synergy of two brands known for their unique design aesthetics.

Both Kuzco Lighting and Auroralight share several common lighting agents in the United States, This shared market presence may help streamline integration and market expansion for the merged entity.

Auroralight joins Kuzco, broadening their architectural lighting portfolio.


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